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While aging cannot be prevented, there are many techniques to help limit the effects of the aging process. See how to increase longevity and youth.

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Most of us wish we could stop the aging process, but scientists still haven’t discovered the Fountain of Youth. Certain foods, however, can help fight the aging process in your body.

By Caitlin Uttley

Do anti-aging lights really work?

No one wants to get old — or look old. And there are light treatments and lasers on the market today that claim to reverse the signs of aging. But can they really erase those years of wrinkling?

By John Perritano

How to Be a Healthy Centenarian

There is a difference between simply living to a ripe old age and living a healthy lifestyle at 100 years of age or older. Researchers continue to look for patterns in people’s habits that lead them into their second century of life. So how do you get there?

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By Matt Cunningham

Do anti-aging creams work?

People don’t care that wrinkles are just an indicator of past smiles, as Mark Twain once said — they want to get rid of them. Are anti-aging creams worth the price, or are they just empty promises in fancy packaging?

By Molly Edmonds

Can a restricted diet slow down aging?

Diet is a series of inner negotiations and agreements brokered. You might give yourself a second slice of pizza to tuck into your skinny jeans — but what if taking that pizza off, you could live longer?

By Molly Edmonds

Are there anti-aging genes?

The road to a longer life may begin with a starving rat. It sounds like crazy science, but rodents give us a map to the fountain of youth — and it’s probably already in you.

By Molly Edmonds

How to treat aging skin

Skin changes with age — just ask any teenager whose baby-smooth exterior has changed because of acne breakouts. What is the best way to treat skin after wrinkles and lines appear?

By Shanna Freeman

If your goal is to be alive and strong in your 80s and 90s, you need to learn some anti-aging secrets that focus on mind, body, and spirit. These 10 anti-aging techniques will help you stay and feel young as you age.

By authors & Kevin P. Allen