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We have evidence that collecting rainwater in reservoirs was a common practice in the Middle East more than 4,000 years ago, and that its origins may go further than that. In arid climates, or on islands like Gibraltar where there are no river systems, trapping

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Aquaponics systems are definitely a force on the larger industrial and commercial food production scene. But in reality anyone can apply the basics of aquaponics into their backyard gardening. Whether you set up the system on your patio, the roof of your apartment or in

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Many species of warm and cold water fish have adapted to aquaponics systems. The most common fish cultured in aquaponics systems are tilapia, cod, trout, perch, Arctic char and bass. But from all this, indigo thrives. Tilapia is very tolerant of fluctuating water conditions, such

Basics of Aquaponics – Basics of Aquaponics

Growing plants and fish through aquaponics is easy on the environment as well as financially easy. Aquaponic systems do not use any chemicals, and they require about 10 percent of the water used in regular farming. The system is closed — that is, once filled

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They say one person’s trash is another’s treasure. A day-old bagel that the franchise says is too stale for customers to taste delicious to the hungry when shared at homeless shelters. The obnoxious, hyperactive pup that one family left in the kennel because he chewed

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Imagine a board with holes drilled the same distance and plugged in with a stabilizer like foam rubber. After the plants have germinated from seed in a soil-free medium such as Rockwool, (a fibrous material woven from strands of lava) they are transplanted onto boards.

5 Ways to Make a Garden Look Wider

So you’ve mastered the art of bonsai and miegakure, you can actually tell the difference between warm and cool colors using just your sense of smell and you have the tallest and narrowest tree on the block. Even with all these perceptual tricks, you have

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Successful regional gardening depends on knowing what plants are suitable for your zip code climate. What thrives in Boston may wither in Fresno, California, or Cheyenne, Wyo., because those cities do not have the same growing conditions. Or the same plant may require different levels

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Recognizing poison ivy does not require a botanical degree. Its toothed leaves grow in clusters of three, and in spring and summer, they are bright green. The brown, hairy vines that extend from poison ivy can also weave around tree trunks, holding them tight. Urushiol

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In Austin, Texas, as well as a growing number of other cities, it helps to conserve water. And we’re not talking about turning off the faucet; we mean actually preserving the water that falls from the sky. The city of Austin set up a program