Is dizziness a sign of a gluten allergy?

Allergies of any type cause the immune system to respond to this foreign product “invasion” by producing large amounts of immunoglobulin E (IgE), an antibody that produces inflammatory histamine. People who have an allergy to gluten may find that gluten consumption triggers a variety of

How do children get peanut allergies?

A peanut allergy means that your body is misguided when it comes to identifying certain proteins. Instead of acknowledging that peanuts are safe, they are considered dangerous. When you eat pea protein, your immune system sends antibodies called immunoglobulin E to attack it. The antibodies

How are you tested for a gluten allergy?

Allergies to gluten are relatively common. According to research, one in 167 apparently healthy children and one in 111 adults have some type of allergy to gluten. Celiac disease, one of the more severe and common gluten allergies, is said to affect one in every

How many people die each year from peanut allergies?

Peanut allergy is an overreaction of the body to certain proteins found in nuts. The immune system’s response to these allergens is to trigger antibodies, which then trigger other chemicals. One of the most frightening effects of this chemical is the possibility of anaphylaxis, a

Is it common for children to have a food allergy to bananas?

Overall, food allergies in children are relatively common. In fact, about five to eight percent of children have food allergies. The prevalence of food allergies in adulthood, however, is only about one percent. This is due to two factors: the increase in allergies in the

Is peanut oil safe to take if you have a peanut allergy?

If you have a peanut allergy, it means that your body is overreacting to the protein in peanuts. Instead of understanding that nuts are safe (and delicious), your immune system thinks they are harmful to you. In response, your body releases an antibody called immunoglobulin

Is there a link between fish allergy and omega 3?

Fish allergies are the result of your body’s misidentification of certain proteins in fish. Instead of recognizing it as harmless, your immune system thinks the fish protein is harmful and sends out immunoglobulin E antibodies to get rid of the offending allergen. The antibodies then

Is there a cure for peanut allergies?

Peanut allergies have something to do with your immune system. Instead of recognizing nuts as a harmless and delicious food, your body perceives their protein as harmful. Since the cause of peanut allergy is an error programmed into your body, there is no cure. Doctors

Is there a way to relieve a gluten allergy?

Many people suffer from gluten allergies, which are less like allergies and more like intolerances, and most of these sufferers develop their sensitivity to gluten in adulthood. The type and severity of symptoms caused by a gluten allergy will vary from person to person and