What did JEM reveal to scouts?

In Chapter 7, Jem tells Scout that he’s gone back For his pants, not tangled like him remain They, they folded neatly over the fence, “..like they were waiting for me” (p. 58).they also sewing. He tore them apart when he tried to get through the fences.

Also, what did Jem and Scout find in the tree in Chapter 7?

reconnaissance and Jem found Chewing gum, grey twine, girl and boy dolls carved out of soap, medals, watches and pennies.Children near Maycomb are afraid of the Radleys because they fear Bo Radley is some kind of monster and the house’s trees Poisoned. They didn’t realize it was Boo Radley.

What is the level of Scout in Chapter 7?

reconnaissance second start grade. as bad as the first time grade. Jem finally told reconnaissance What happened when he got back to the Radley’s: his pants were folded over the fence and the slit in them was sloppily patched up.

Who did the scout find under her bed?

Scooter found something under her bed.she calls Jem with them Find Dill is hiding there. Dill ran away because his mother and new father didn’t pay enough attention to him.

Why is it so hard for firefighters to put out fires?

In To Kill A Mockingbird, What Caused Firefighters put out such trouble Miss Maudie’s home at boot time fire? People in Maycomb think volunteers are too cold, so there aren’t enough people Yes fight there fire. C. The temperature outside is below freezing, trucks and hoses Yes freeze.

How did Jem lose his pants and what did he find when he went back to get them?

Jem, Scout and Dill go to see Radley’s house. When they were found, they ran away. Jem Trapped by the fence, to break free, he took off his pants Leave them on the fence. When he went back to pick them up, they were mended and folded and sat on the fence.

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Why is Atticus scouting in the middle of the night?

Atticus The answer was to tell her that a little has passed and she needs to hurry. reconnaissance Finally realized that something was wrong, when she walked outside, reconnaissance Saw Modi’s house on fire. In Chapter 8, Atticus wakes Scooter and Jem Tell them to put on their coats in the middle of the night.

Why do you think Jem cried at the end of Chapter 7?

Jem is crying Because Nathan Radley put cement in the hole in the tree, removing their connection to Boo Radley. At the beginning of this book, Jem And Scout just saw Boo Radley as a form of curiosity and entertainment. They could act out his life story or be afraid to pass by his house.

What Happens to the Knot Hole in Chapter 7?

Scooter and Jem continue to junction hole Tree’s: twine, soap carved to look like them, chewing gum and a broken watch on a chain.Jem suggested they write a letter and leave it in junction hole. He said the tree was dying, but Atticus told Jem it wasn’t. Jem stared at Radley’s house for a long time.

Why is Jem going back to get his pants?

Atticus told Jem arrive take his pants from dill and Come Family. at home, Jem Confess to Scout that he’s going back to Radleys to take his pants. Scouts are really scared his life, but Jem He would rather risk his life than admit to Atticus that he had lied. School starts again.

Why are the scouts fighting?

Scout fights Cecil Jacobs Because he insulted her father to defend Tom Robinson. Cecil Jacobs A town kid, “He lives at the end of our street, next door to the post office.” Scouts go into battle Be with him when he insults her father.

What is the difference between wood carving and carving?

sometimes terms”cut” and”Sculpture” can be used interchangeably, but they are different Art. Sculpture using a chisel, chisel, with or without a mallet, and cut Only the use of a knife is involved. Sculpture Power equipment such as lathes are often involved.

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Why don’t kids get tree gifts from Arthur Radley anymore?

Explain your answer.I don’t think Jem is scared gifts on the tree no longer because of him Yes Courage to write letters to those who leave gift. he still Yes when very depressed gift stop because sir Nathan Radley filled up Tree Punching holes with cement, he even cried.

What does JEM call the Boy Scouts?

Dill pointed to the Radley house, then reconnaissance Start protesting. Jem Say reconnaissance, “You don’t have to come together, Angel May” (Lee 68). Jem calls His sister was upset by the nickname “Angel May”. The term “Angel May” is another way of saying “Miss Priss”.

What happens to the knot hole?

The next day, Jem and Scott found junction hole already filled with cement.When Jem asks Mr. Radley (Nathan Radley, Boo’s brother) about junction hole The next day, Mr Radley replied that he put junction hole Because the tree is dying.

Who filled the knots in the tree with cement?

When Nathan Radley Filling the knot hole in the tree with cement, he said it was because the tree was sick.i really don’t believe Mr Radley When he said he did it because the tree was sick, he was telling the truth.

What happened to scouts on the night of the fire?

7. What Happens to Scouts on Fire Night? Who witness this? she was wrapped in a blanket fire night; Jem initially denied he saw anything but later admitted he saw Boo Radley put a blanket around reconnaissance.

What happened to Miss Maudie’s house and what was her reaction?

the answer is Miss Maudie’s home burn.Finch’s children were awakened from their beds and taken outside so they wouldn’t be trapped in their rooms House If the fire spreads.The next morning, Jem and Scott went to Miss Maudie. they hope they need to comfort her.

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In which chapter did they find the soap doll?

Jem and Scott also found a wedding ring box containing two Hindu head coins. in later chapters (7), they found a ball of grey twine and two figures sculpted in soap: they were almost perfect miniatures of the two children.

Where does the scout spend Christmas?

Uncle Jack Finch is here Christmas as him Do Per year; reconnaissance and her family spend christmas With Aunt Alexandra and her family at Finch’s Landing.Alexandra’s grandson Francis starts teasing reconnaissance A story about Atticus defending a black man.

Why are there no more surprises for the children in the tree?

there will be Yes No more surprises on the tree Because Mr Nathan Radley filled the knot holes with cement.When Jem and Scott asked Mr. Radley why he had to fill in the knot hole, he said Tree sick.However, Atticus looked at Tree According to Atticus, it looks healthy.

Who could be the one who sewed Jem’s pants and why?

Jem doesn’t know what’s going on or who fixed his pants, but he’s starting to realize someone close to him, and therefore also reconnaissance, is taking care of them.very clear Nathan Radley Jem’s overalls were not sewn, so there was only one left who might sew like him—Bo Radley.

What’s so fun about snowmen?

When a rare snowstorm blew into Maycomb and deposited a thin layer of snow on the lawn, Jem and Scott rushed to build a snowman. This snowman used to be”interesting“Because it looked a lot like Mr Avery, a neighbour blamed the weather change on the children’s bad behaviour. He claimed it was found in the Rosetta Stone.