What does the name Elia mean?

This Name Elijah spanish baby name. in spanish significance of Name Elijah Yes: My God is the LORD. Elijah.

So, what is the origin of the name Mila?

Mira (Cyrillic: Мила, Polish: Miła) is a female Slavic language name Possibly from Poland or Eastern Europe.It is the epitome of Slavic name starts or ends with Mira Derived from Mil (Мил) element significance “Kind” or “Dear”.

What does the name Nila mean?

Nila Is an name This appears to be most common among African Americans in the United States.Our assumption is Nila is the American spelling variant of the Arabic female name Nā’ila (from male Nā’il) significance ‘Winners achieve desire’.

What does the name Arya mean?

abbreviation of name Eleanor or Ellen (sometimes spelled Elinor and Ellin in Irish families) pronounced el’E’ah or EL’yah; English version of Irish name AIL yeh, significance Light.

Is Emery a girl’s name?

Although the older crowd mentioned it was a boy name. Although initially a masculine German name, Emery as a girl’s name. Emery is German and means “worker ruler, mighty home”.

What does the name Ephron mean?

Hebrew significance: This first name everon is a hebrew baby name. in Hebrew significance of first name everon Yes: Double Harvest. Hebrew in the form of Ephraim.

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What does the name Elijah mean?

This elijah name baby in the bible name. in the bible significance of elijah name Yes: the God Jehovah.

What does the name Eliana mean?

origin& significance. Many sources through Hebrew, from Akkadian/Assyrian, literally translated as “My God has answered me”. It consists of three Hebrew elements: EL, significance God; ANA, significance Answer; and Yud after EL, indicating first-person possession.

What does the name Elijah mean?

Ilya [iˈlʲː?]) Is East Slavic form of masculine Hebrew name Elijah (Elijah), significance “My God is Yahu/Jah”. It comes from the Byzantine Greek pronunciation of the vocative (Elia) of the Greek Elias (Ηλίας). Stress on the second syllable. The minor form is Ilyusha or Ilyushenka.

What does the name Eliana mean?

Eliana An elaborate spelling of the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese name Eliana. The name Eliana is a Latinized variant of the Hebrew name Eliyanah, method “God has answered me” or “The Lord has answered”. The name comes from the Hebrew “El” (significance “God”) and “Anna” (significance ‘answer’).

What does the name Elena mean?

Gender: F significance of Elena: “Bright, shining light” origin of Elena: Elaine or a variant of Elena Elena’s 2017 Popularity: #284.share Elena Share to Facebook on Facebook.share Elena Share to Twitter on Twitter.share Elena Share on Google+ Favorite on Google+ Name Elena.

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What does elias mean in english?

Elias is the Latin and Greek equivalent of Elijah (Hebrew Eliyahu), the prophet of Israel in the 9th century BC, and is mentioned in several holy books.

What is the meaning of Elijah?

This first name ilia is a hebrew baby name. in Hebrew significance of Elijah’s name is: The Lord is my God.

What does the name Emory mean to a girl?

This first name emory a german baby name. in German significance of first name emory Is: Brave; Powerful.from Old German name Emmerich, from “amal”, significance labor and ‘ne’, significance ruler. . Often used as a surname.

What is the origin of the name Eben?

what what does eben mean? Eben as a child name Pronounced EBB-an, EE-ben.it’s in hebrew origin, and significance of Eben It’s “stone, stone”. Also used as a nickname for Ebenezer.israeli politician aba Iban.

What does the name Yili mean?

This name eli is a hebrew baby name. in Hebrew significance of name eli Yes: Jehovah is God.

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What is the origin of the name Yili?

Last name: Ely.This interesting surname is early medieval English origin.It is derived from the place name of Ely, Cambridgeshire, or it is an ancient abbreviated form Hebrew ‘Elijah’.

What does Eli mean?

This Eli is a hebrew baby name. in Hebrew significance of Eli Is: High, Ascension, or “My God”.Notable Holders: Old Testament priests Eli Samuel cared for the prophet Samuel as a child.

What does Eli stand for?

What does ELI stand for?

Rank abbreviation. significance
Eli Embedded LISP Interpreter (Andrew Mail System)
Eli European Laser Institute
Eli Early Learning Program (Ohio)
Eli Electronic library information (ISU system)

Is Eli a popular baby name?

Eli boys name meaning, origin and Popularity. Hebrew means “my God”, “sublime” or “noble”. Eli usually boys name But also for girls.

What does the name nylah mean?

This significance of nameNila” is: “Cloud or Champion”. Additional Info: Nila or Nyla too name Portrait of an Egyptian princess.Category: Celtic name, Gaelic name. Used in: English-speaking countries.Gender: girl name.