What does the name Nila mean?

Nila Is an name This appears to be most common among African Americans in the United States.Our assumption is Nila is the American spelling variant of the Arabic female name Nā’ila (from male Nā’il) significance ‘Winners achieve desire’.

Also, what is the origin of the name Mila?

Mira (Cyrillic: Мила, Polish: Miła) is a female Slavic language name Possibly from Poland or Eastern Europe.It is the epitome of Slavic name starts or ends with Mira Derived from Mil (Мил) element significance “Kind” or “Dear”.

What does the name Elia mean?

This Name Elijah spanish baby name. in spanish significance of Name Elijah Yes: My God is the LORD. Elijah.

What does the name Nora mean?

African languages significance successful.in Sanskrit significance Stems, hollow reeds.in some latin cultures name Associated with fruit or sweetness.Another variant is nala. nala sometimes listed as female name African American and significance “beloved”.

What does the name Nila mean?

is the name Portrait of an ancient egyptian princess. Inspiration also comes from the Nile. ArabicNa’ila method a successful person.Variation of Neiland in Irish Celtic method champion.in Sanskrit meaning of nira dark blue (or a darker shade between purple and blue)

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What does the name Naya mean?

significance name Naya. Naya is an arab girl’s name significance ‘new’. It is a variation of the names Anaya, Aniya and Nadia.

What does the name Naira mean?

This Name Naira is an egyptian baby name. in Egypt significance of Name Naira Yes: success.

What does the name Nalani mean?

it method “Paradise” in Hawaiian.or “The Stillness of the Heavens (Calm)” real-life celebrity name Narani: | EDITORS SHARE WHAT YOU KNOW!

What does the name Nila mean?

origin and significance of Nila. “Nila“Is an name Originated in America, it method “success”.it is name Usually given to girls.

What does the name Noelani mean?

Hawaiian significance: This Name Noelani it’s a hawaiian baby name. in Hawaiian significance of Name Noelani Yes: the mist in the sky.

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What does killarney mean?

killarney? Keelani as a girl name Pronounced kay-ee-LAH-nee.It originated in Hawaii, and significance of Kelani It is “heaven, sky; glory and royalty”.

What does the name Kelani mean?

Kelani.ka-LA-nee. significance of Meaning of the name Kailani Majestic, celestial, spiritual.This name Also spelled Kalani.the origin first name kelani Hawaiian.

What does the name Kelani mean?

Hawaiian significance: This first name kelani it’s a hawaiian baby name. in Hawaiian What does the name Kelani mean? Yes: the sea and the sky are the same color.

What is the meaning of chrani?

This significance of nameKelani“is: “Heaven”. Category: Hawaiian Cuisine name, Pacific Islander name, Polynesian name, unisex name. Used in: Hawaiian speaking countries.Gender: Both, boy name, girl name. Origin: Hawaii.

What does the name Elani mean?

name Airani is the name of a Hawaiian baby.in Hawaiian significance name Airani Yes: Warchief.

What does the name Alani mean?

This name alani is an irish baby name. in Irish significance of name alani is beautiful. dear child.

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What does the name Leilani mean?

Hawaiian from “Flower of Heaven” or “Prince” Hawaiian Linley “Flower, Linley, Child” and Rani “Heaven, Sky, Royal, Majesty” named after famous real-life characters Leilani: | Edit. Leilani Mitchell, American basketball guard for the New York Liberty.

What does the word aulani mean?

Disney names its new Hawaiian resort: “Aulani. ‘ Rhodes also pointed out Aulani, translated from Hawaiian Means to English “a place to speak for great people” or “a place to speak with a profound message”.

What does the name Laila mean in English?

The first and most common consideration is Leila Developed as a feminine twist on Scotland surname Lyle. Lyle comes from the Anglo-Norman word “l’isle” significance ‘island. ‘ so, Leila has arrived meaning is “Island girl.” Another origin is Arabic name Leila method “night.”