What is the value of a capacitor labeled 102?

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mark Capacitance (pF) Capacitance (ìF)
221 220pF 0.00022uF
471 470pF 0.00047uF
102 1,000pF 0.001uF
222 2,200pF 0.0022uF

How do you read capacitor values ​​this way?

method 2 Reading compact capacitor codes
  1. Write down the first two digits of the capacity.
  2. Use the third digit as a zero multiplier.
  3. Calculate the capacity units from the context.
  4. Instead, read codes that contain letters.
  5. Read the tolerance code on ceramic capacitors.
  6. Read letter-number-letter tolerance values.

What does MFD capacitor mean?

engine capacitor. there are two common engine types capacitors, run capacitors and launch capacitors. The units of capacity are labeled in microfarads (µF). Older capacitors possibly with the obsolete terms “mfd” ,the means microfarads and “MFDmeans millifarad.

What is the tolerance of the capacitor?

capacitors are rated according to how close their actual values ​​are to the rated nominal values capacity used with colored bands or letters to indicate their actual tolerance. The usual tolerance Variant for capacitors is 5% or 10% but some plastic capacitors are evaluated with only ±1%.