What will Miss Maudie do for Jem Scout and Dill?

Miss Maudie Usually makes three small cakes Jem, Scout and Dill. After the trial, she made two small cakes Boy Scouts and Dill and cut Jem A piece from the coming-of-age cake, symbolizing his growing up.she production Best cakes around.When

On which page did Jem and Scott find the soap doll?

Jem and Scott also found a wedding ring box containing two Hindu head coins. in later chapters (7), they found a ball of grey twine and two figures sculpted in soap: they were almost the perfect miniatures of the two children.

Who is Scott’s fiancé?

To Kill a Mockingbird – Character Match

One Second
Hector good sheriff
carponia Finch’s strict, cultured black butler
Dill Scout ‘fiancé’ who visits summer
Bo Radley finch’s protector of secrets

Why is it so hard for firefighters to put out fires?

In To Kill A Mockingbird, What Caused Firefighters put out such trouble Miss Maudie’s home at boot time fire? People in Maycomb think volunteers are too cold, so there aren’t enough people Yes fight there fire. C. The temperature outside is below freezing, trucks and hoses Yes freeze.

What is Miss Maudie’s character?

Oh Miss Maudie, what character! Miss Maudie Atkinson is the epitome of power. Live across the street from Jem and Scooter, Miss Maudie Brave enough to look to the future even if her house burns down.

Why do you think Jem cried at the end of Chapter 7?

Jem is crying Because Nathan Radley put cement in the hole in the tree, removing their connection to Boo Radley. At the beginning of this book, Jem And Scout just saw Boo Radley as a form of curiosity and entertainment. They could act out his life story or be afraid to pass by his house.

According to Miss Maudie, what is footwashing?

miss Maude told Scout that Boo’s father, Mr. Radley Sr. was a “footwashing Baptist Church. She went on to explain, “The footwasher believes that any pleasure is a sin. “As such, it is a religious sect that is strictly biblical and excludes pleasure of any kind from their lives.

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Why did dill run away from home?

Dill have runaway Because of his mom and new dad did Not paying enough attention to him.He took the train from Meridian to Maycomb Junction, fourteen miles Leave, then walk and walk the rest of the distance behind the cotton cart. Jem went downstairs and told Atticus.

What did Scooter hear in the house?

During all the shaking of my head, quelling my nausea, and yelling at Jem, I’ve hear Another voice, so low I can’t have it hear It’s from the sidewalk.someone inside House laughing.what scout hears from the inside Radley House is laughter.

Why does JEM think Boo Radley wants to stay in the house?

In Chapter 13, Jem pointed out, “I think I’m starting to understand why boo Radley kept his mouth shut. . . that’s because he wanted to stay inside. ” Jem Said it was a direct response to the actions of the people of Maycomb to the Tom Robinson trial and the way people were treated differently.

Who says we’re taking a step, it’s just a baby step, but it’s a step?

“You think about it,” Miss Modi saying “Atticus Finch wonCan’t win, he can’t win, but in this case, he’s the only one in these places who can keep the jury out for so long. I thought to myself, OK, we’re taking a step — it’s just a baby step, but it’s a step. “

Why did my aunt come to visit?

It is not clear why Aunt Alexandra suddenly decided Come and lives in Maycomb with Atticus and his family. She left her husband at Finch’s landing and told Scooter that she planned to “stay with you for a while.”

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Who is the meanest old woman ever?

https://www.enotes.com/topics/to-kill-a-Robin/criticize Mrs. Dubose The meanest old lady ever.Scout Description Mrs. Dubose It’s like “hell as hell” because she’s picky about the kids. Mrs. Dubose Described as “close to a hundred” (Chapter 10), she likes to insult people as they pass by.

What kind of clown did Dill decide to become and why?

Dill’s career choice to become a new kind of clown is showing huge signs of maturity. Dill says he wants to be a clown who laughs at people instead of people laughing at him.This means Dill wants to laugh at people (society) because they are Tom Robinson court case.

What did Jem and Scott find in the tree?

reconnaissance and Jem found Chewing gum, grey twine, girl and boy dolls carved out of soap, medals, watches and pennies.Children near Maycomb are afraid of the Radleys because they fear Bo Radley is some kind of monster and the house’s trees Poisoned.

How does Aunt Alexandra’s view of Caponia explain what this is like in character?

Aunt AlexandraHowever, Jem and Scott feel that Jem and Scott need more maternal guidance, and when she’s temporarily settled in, she tries to convince Atticus to get rid of carponia. But Atticus is firm. “She’s a loyal member of the family, you just have to accept things as they are.”

How did Miss Maudie react to losing her house? What does this reveal about her character?

when your expected emotions House burn Yes Possible sadness, depression, anger and/or resignation.The next morning, Scooter saw multiple sclerosis. Modi and Yes expect she feel sad.instead multiple sclerosis. Modi is Very cheerful.She told Scout that she did do not like her house So much anyway.

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How did Uncle Jack treat Jem and Scooter?

reconnaissance A dispute with Aunt Alexandra’s omniscient grandson Francis, who calls Atticus a “nigger lover”. uncle jack realize reconnaissance It makes sense to be angry with Francis and vow to tell Aunt Alexandra what happened. He also bandaged her hands.

How did Jem lose his pants? What did he find?

Jem, Scout and Dill go to see Radley’s house. When they were found, they ran away. Jem Trapped by the fence, to break free, he took off his pants Leave them on the fence. When he went back to pick them up, they were mended and folded and sat on the fence.

What did Dill decide to become when he grew up?

Dill Say he Wants to be a clown who laughs at others instead of others laughing at him.this means Dill Want to laugh at people (society) for being so stupid in Tom Robinson’s court case. Dill Want to be clowns because they keep laughing.

What was Bob’s reaction to the verdict?

In the last lines of Chapter 22, Miss Stephanie describes Bob Ewell’s response to the verdict Say, “This morning Bob Ewell Atticus stopped Atticus in the corner of the post office, spat in his face, and told him that if it took the rest of his life, he would get him. “

Who is Scott’s fiancé?

To Kill a Mockingbird – Character Match

One Second
Hector good sheriff
carponia Finch’s strict, cultured black butler
Dill Scout ‘fiancé’ who visits summer
Bo Radley finch’s protector of secrets